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Make your cleaning life much easier with the double-sided turbo mop with self-wringing ability. This MOP makes it super easy to clean by giving you both sides of the mop to use. It also is super flexible and lets you get into those hard to reach places like the wall, under a desk, baseboards and more. It also has a self-wringing feature that lets you easily decontaminate the mop. The microfiber mop head cloth is machine washable and makes it super easy to reuse.

A NEW GENERATION of double-sided flat drag king, you can put it stand, and without hand washing. It can self-cleaning, the lengthening bar design is easy to clean the corner.

STAINLESS STEEL SHAFT, the force parts more reliable and flexible, longer rod design easy to clean the corner. Mop head using ultra-fine fiber by the high-tech manufacturing, durable and will not fall hair, particularly have a strong water absorption.

THE BOTTOM PLATE WITH FLAT DESIGN, and increase the rubber particles can make the mop and the ground full friction. Unique 360 degrees no dead structure design can easily clean the ceiling, walls and other furniture below the corner.

MOP HEAD ANTIBACTERIAL TREATMENT, not mildew to bad, durable, the use of high-strength material to ensure the reliability and stability of the mop. Specific particles friction rubber plate can greatly enhance the friction with the floor, No matter which direction you push and pull can be fully utilized, for you to save money and time.

THE POLE LENGTH IS 130CM, the bottom plate is 38 * 12cm and the thickness is 3.5cm. There are two metal rods inside the package, two pieces of cloth, a self-filter mantle base. The product is suitable for use with wood floors, tiled floors, marble.