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2 in 1 Magic Silicone Rubber Dish Washing Gloves Eco Scrubber Cleaning Kitchen


Magic Silicone Dish Washing Gloves is an?SGS food safety Verified?silicone product,?100% safe?for baby products & tableware.

Soft & flexible silicone gloves deep cleaning every corner,?fast-foaming?to save half of the detergent than usual,?no scratches?with bristly silicone on kitchenware & glass,?replace all other?cleaning supplies with one pair of gloves!

  • This?Magic Silicone Dish Washing Glove?is made of high-quality and environment-friendly silicone.?Food grade silicone
  • Super Easy to Clean! Restrains Germs! Can be Sterilized in Boiled water, Microwave or Dishwasher
  • Easier to use?and clean: use this silicone brush to replace your old style brush for improving kitchen hygiene.?Super easy to clean?the brush, just rinse with water or put it in the dishwasher, it will have?no residue
  • Cute Design with Apple Shapes and Colors!?Peferctas Small Gifts
  • Pet hair massage,?Cleaning bath,?Kitchen

When it comes to doing dishes, the first thing you'll want is an actual dishwasher, but if you can't afford or fit a dishwasher into your kitchen, you're going to have to wash your dishes by hand! The best way to do that is with a sponge, though better yet, what if that sponge was attached to rubber gloves? And what if the sponges attached to the gloves were made from silicone? That would be called heaven, and that's just what these unique and amazing sponge gloves are!

These unique rubber gloves are made with built-in silicone sponges right on the palms and fingers of the gloves. So you can put them on and instantly start washing dishes without ever worrying about touching the nastiness of your dirty dishes.

Magic Silicone Sponge Gloves

The silicone sponge gloves come in a few different colors to choose from, and one option is even made with an actual sponge (not silicone). So if you're a little old-school with your standard kitchen sponges, we've got you covered.

Magic Silicone Sponge Gloves

The sponge gloves are made from eco-friendly silicone, can withstand extreme temperatures between -40 degrees F to 320 degrees F, and each glove measures 8.3 inches long with just the palm measuring 5.7 inches. Plus each glove has a hanging loop on the end of it to easily hang up to dry or store when not in use.

  • Dish washing gloves with built-in silicone sponges
  • Buy individual gloves or a pair
  • Come in 3 different color options
  • Made from eco-friendly silicone
  • Feel amazing to wear and touch
  • 1 Pair made with regular sponge material
  • Best dish-washing gloves ever
  • Measure 8.3 inches long
  • One-size fits most adult humans
  • Has hanging loop on end of each glove


  • Material: Silicone 100%?
  • Size: 13.6 x 6.5 inches
  • Color: Gray, Pink


    • 1 x Pair Magic Glove